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www.losefatatwork.com In this video, you’ll discover how you can lose belly fat and get a flat stomach and six pack abs in JUST 90 SECONDS by using 3 simple variations of this one great exercise – the mountain climber. This workout is so simple and easy that you can do it right at your desk (or anywhere else) and in just 90 seconds be back at work. Here are the details of the workout: Table mountain climbers – 30 seconds Chair cross-body mountain climbers – 30 seconds Explosive mountain climbers – 30 seconds Total workout time: 90 SECONDS! Give this workout a try, you’ll absolutely love it! And you’ll also be shredding away belly fat while revving up your metabolism, in just 90 seconds. Let me know your results in the comments below. Yudi Kerbel is a Certified Personal Trainer and My Family Doctor Magazine Fitness Expert.
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