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Q&A: How to get flat abs fast?

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Question by puplvr!!!: How to get flat abs fast?
Hi 🙂 how do I get flat abs fast? I love to run 🙂 and I eat semi-healthy. I need to get in shape for bathingsuitseason:) thanks!!!
If it helps im 5’3 and weigh 107lbs

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Answer by Aly ProTrainer
Below is a link for a great ab workout. Keep in mind that running uses your ab muscles as well and you should workout your abs every other day for the best results.

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How can I get flat abs fast?

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Question by eeeryynn<3: How can I get flat abs fast?
I just want flat abs but I can’t afford a gym membership right now.

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Answer by OoO
Would help to know your current measurements.

Before you do any targeted ab exercises you’ll need to lose any fat that’s covering your abs. I managed to do this in just a month by alternating between running a mile one day, and cycling for an hour the next.

Keep this up along with eating a lower calorie diet to lose the weight. I recommend using in which you enter your weight, height, weight goal and how long you have to reach it. It calculates how many calories you’ll need overall each day (including what you eat and how much you burn off) and then you use the site to track your calorie consumption

Good luck and please feel free to contact me for any other advice and to let me know how you get on

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