The Belly Fat Cure Sugar & Carb Counter: Discover which foods will melt up to 9 lbs. this week

Based on the revolutionary New York Times bestseller that is changing the way America eats, this is the only supermarket guide that exposes the true cause of belly fat and disease: hidden sugar! Transforming your health, energy, and waistline is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1.   Unlock the secret to fat loss that food conglomerates don’t want you to know. 2.   Follow the one simple menu that tells you exactly what to eat to melt up to 9 pounds this week. 3.   Discover thousands of  “Belly Good”

List Price: $ 7.95


Sports Research Sweet Sweat Jar, 6.5-Ounce

  • Workout Enhancer -Thermographic Accelerator
  • Fights against painful injuries
  • Increases circulation – Fresh scent

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer greatly accelerates and enhances circulation and sweating during your workout. Increasing heat production to “slow to respond”, insulating fatty tissue areas. Creates a “Portable Sauna-Like” Environment, accelerates warm-up and injury recovery time, making your workout feel easier. Helps to prevent muscle injury.

List Price: $ 28.51