Question by : Quick ways to lose belly fat?
Okay im really skinny. I have a fast metabolism so i just started eating whatever i wanted cause it never did anything to me. But lately ive gained some weight in my stomach and i want it GONE! how do i lose belly fat quick and is there any way to make my butt bigger? like work it out, gain some muscle? lol HELLPPPP please and thankyou(:

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Answer by Kharie Mendoza
Before, I have a problem on how to lose my stomach fat and maybe because I spend a lot in a day sitting in front of my computer desk. Just like you, I asked thousands of people to help on how to solve my problem. Fortunately, I visited and watched their videos on how to get rid of the flabby arms and stomach. Right now, I observed that my the flabby stomach is losing. I guess their fitness and workout plans are also the best.

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