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How do i get flat abs fast?

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Question by none: How do i get flat abs fast?
I run a lot, and i do about 500 crunches or lots of different ab workouts everyday. But I’m starting to get a six-pack and more defined abs. How do i make it so my abs a flat?

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Answer by Fitz
During you eat you must preventing to sit after eating please remain standing for 15 munites to avoid big abs to get fast abs you do exercise jogging and set up every morning and avoid to much eating during dinner and drink always a juice that much of LYCUPEN like pine apple juice trust me youll get sexy abs !!!

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how to lose belly fat QUICK!!!!!?!!!!!?

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Question by Jo~02: how to lose belly fat QUICK!!!!!?!!!!!?
I am 13 and really want to lose some belly fat! and i mean really quick y’all! please please if you have any tips or anything that could help pleaseee share! id appreciate it alot! ( :

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Answer by ladybirds
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Yep you read it correctly 17lbs.
The product costs under a tenner (this is only a launch price) and I saved over £ 50 in food costs in the first month.

I changed nothing in that time: I didn’t diet, I didn’t exercise and I didn’t feel hungry, in fact quite the opposite.
Now I’ve made it my mission to tell as many people in my situation as I can. If you decide to try Easy-2 products and get the same results as I did why not tell everyone you know … because we all live in one world together. It’s an incredible discovery.

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Lose Belly Fat Quickly. Real people Real results With Belly Fat Secrets

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