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Q&A: How can iI lose belly fat quick?

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Question by Patriots: How can iI lose belly fat quick?
I have four more weeks till school starts and I’m trying to look my best and ialready lost ten pounds so afar all I have left is access belly fat which I’m trying. To lose and on a diet and I excerise so ya

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Answer by Barrack Obama
having sex

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Get flat abs fast Using a Chair

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How Do You Lose Belly Fat QUICK?

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Question by Miss_Weezyfbaby:): How Do You Lose Belly Fat QUICK?
I Ddont think im fat, or skinny, but i have belly fat, & i need to get rid of it QUICK. Is there any easy tips i can use that have fast results ? Like really really fast, thanks if you can help !

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Answer by jimmydriddles
The common misconception is that you can simply lose belly fat on it’s own, when in reality you cannot target the fat loss areas, you just have to lose overall body weight. But don’t worry, if you follow this advice, it’s much easier than you might think…

This can be done the hard way or the downright impossible way.

The downright impossible way is to eat lots of fatty foods and do the exercises that are proven to be the least effective such as :

ab rollers
traditional ab crunches

For specific foods to eat, you need to focus your meals not in diets (as fad diets don’t work) but on foods that are proven to burn metabolism.

There’s a great article about this at:

This article shows you why you don’t need to eat bland rabbit food in order to burn fat automatically. Also, it answers your question perfectly about which foods to eat to burn fat.

Remember, this might not be enough to see amazing results on it’s own, but when you combine these foods with a proven plan to get six pack abs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised in how quickly you can start seeing results in the abdominal section.

Good luck, if you follow this advice I am positive you can get the results you desire.



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